Recycling Slogans: 100+ Slogans on Waste Management

Recycling slogans can be a great way to encourage people to reuse, reduce their consumption, and recycle those objects that we usually use once we no longer use or reuse them. 

We must be aware that in recycling we have the key to prevent many of the ills of our planet, such as pollution of the seas and deforestation.

Recycling slogans and phrases help people pay attention to the problem of waste and all its derivatives, help us to better understand the problem, and make us consider aspects that we had not taken into account.

 Do you want to know the best recycling slogans? Keep reading the article!

Catchy Recycling Slogans

Here are the Catchy slogans for recycling:

  • Recycle, the planet deserves it.
  • Bring life to the planet: recycle!
  • Start practicing start inspiring
  • Reuse the yesteryear to save the near future
  • Stop losing and start reusing
  • If the world wants to improve, it is necessary to recycle.
  • Recycling is Priority
  • Technology owes ecology an apology
  • One word – Recycle, many benefits
  • For a world in balance, I preserve and recycle!
  • Metempsychosis you can believe in
  • If you are smart, you will take care of the environment.
  • Everything can have another life: Recycle!
  • Don’t throw away your future!
  • For you it’s trash, for another it’s a treasure
  • Just Say No To Monsanto
  • Saying No to plastic cost nothing
  • Show your creativity by reusing it
  • Think outside the dustbin
  • If you want to enjoy the sea, start by not polluting.

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Motivational slogans about recycling

Protecting the planet is enough of a motivation, but if you want to join more people to the cause, these motivating slogans about recycling will help you:

  • Start recycling, start bicycling
  • Think Green think future
  • Be the source for second-hand resource
  • Do not litter the future
  • Recycle more, enjoy nature for more
  • Paper, plastic, or glass, not recycling is always wrong.
  • If you love nature, you will recycle with skill.
  • Everything that nature does is useful.
  • Just Say No to Styro
  • It’s not so difficult to Go Green
  • Recycling or not to be, that’s the question.
  • I pity the fool who does not recycle
  • Just think before throwing it, it could be useful!
  • Only recycling can make future healthier

Short recycling slogans

If you are looking for phrase ideas for not littering or slogans for garbage for posters, look at these short recycling slogans:

  • Recycling is a deed of wise people
  • Recycling is giving objects a second life
  • Let the Earth thank you
  • The alternative to recycling is to die
  • Give him a chance to have another life!
  • The bravest thing is to take care of the environment
  • Reuse more, Bin less
  • Recycling is not hard, it is to ensure the future.
  • Do not deplete the land and recycle the Can
  • Start recycling because it actually works
  • Recycle for the cycle of life
  • Support your planet, support your future
  • Litter has the power to make Earth bitter
  • It’s high time for us to reciprocate to nature

Recycling slogans that rhyme

Do you want to know recycling slogans that rhyme? In the next section we explain it to you:

  • Because the green planet is the healthiest planet
  • Sign up for the best trip, get on the recycling train.
  • Recycling comes with complex benefits
  • You don’t throw trash; you throw your future away
  • Start practicing 3Rs – Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • For you, for us and for all those who will come … Recycle!
  • Start recycling for your children
  • Stop being drag and start reusing the bags
  • Start reducing landfills and increasing recycling
  • It’s easy to be green: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • At home or at school, recycling is a good thing.
  • Somethings are better in use in their second innings
  • Follow the rules, recycle and reuse
  • Glass, paper, or plastic, recycling is always fantastic.
  • A little effort can lead to a big difference
  • If I recycle and you recycle, they will recycle
  • Refuse the plastic, stop the drastic
  • Enjoy nature. Recycle
  • Do not abuse the Earth by refusing to reuse
  • Plastic, glass, or paper, recycling is always fine.

Slogans about recycling for children

One of the most important things we can teach the little ones is love for nature and respect and care for the environment. 

That is why we want to tell you that many of the best slogans about recycling for children, any of them but explaining it in a simple way to the little one will help you understand more.

In addition, here are some ideas to think about when dealing with recycling with children, so that the little ones can understand the importance of preserving our environment:

  • Recycle toys you don’t use

As your child grows older, his tastes will change, making more and more toys that he is not using. 

At that time it is important not to throw them away, but to recycle them and give them another life or give them to other children who are not lucky enough to have so many toys.

  • Every trash to its bin

From the first moment, we must teach the children that not all garbage is the same, that each waste must go to the corresponding bin so that the materials can be recycled. 

If we start early, this will become a natural routine that they will follow throughout their lives.

  • Reuse rather than throw away

It is far from necessary to throw away everything we use, in fact, most of the things we can reuse and that approach is something that we must instill in our children.

Some of the examples that we can give are: Why not reuse this boot in a pencil? Why not turn this cardboard box into a box to store toys? Why not try to create a toy with these cardboard tubes?

  • Even small gestures are important

It is important to instill in the child the importance of small gestures. Caring for nature is global, and every little gesture is important to achieve this.

 Recycle garbage, reuse, take care of the garden, every little gesture is important and must be taken into account.

  • Recycling is conserving nature

It can be difficult for a child’s mind to assess the causes and consequences of acts. 

Recycling, for example, can turn out to be a very long chain whose consequences are not yet seen. So we must go to the concrete and cases that are shocking. 

Do you like walking through the forest? Flowers, trees, and animals? Well, none of that will be there if we are not able to recycle and conserve the environment.

How to come up with a catchy recycling slogan?

Here is how you can come up with catchy recycling slogans:

  1. Know your audience

At the beginning of any communication strategy, one of the initial steps is to know exactly who the audience in which you’re addressing.

Simple, isn’t it?

But by creating a narrative for that person, you are able to understand what their goals and difficulties are, how to help them and how to communicate that to them.

You will create your slogan for a person who can really exist, different from the scope of the data, which does not refer to a face, however accurate they may be.

  1. Have a position

In addition to showing the points where you stand out, you can indicate the benefits and features of your recycling.

That way, you position yourself according to the usefulness of recycling and show how it fits into one’s life, what it is about, and what he will gain by choosing it.

  1. Make word lists and combine them

When putting together the recycling slogan, a good tactic is to create lists with words that relate to recycling, prioritizing adjectives, verbs, and nouns that fit your goal.

In adjectives, start the most common ones and their antonyms, and then go on targeting those who can describe recycling. Finally, put in the nouns everything that enters the universe of recycling.

Also, do not limit yourself and try to insert some irreverent words that do not come out of your head or that you have remembered by chance. 

Surprisingly, they can help you make your slogan more creative.

  1. Be honest

Do not promise anything that recycling cannot deliver!

It is better to be sincere and meet your expectations. This is the way to make you loyal to your brand and even become a promoter of it.

  1. Be direct

Save words and quote only the essentials. It is much more difficult to record a longer sentence than a few words, right? So try to keep your slogan short without exceeding 8 words.

  1. Be striking

The slogan should be fun and easy to repeat. So bet on strong words and try to make a good game of com too, including rhymes or puns, for example.

With all of this in hand, it’s time to move on to the next phase of brainstorming and run tests with the material you already have. Go on linking the words you managed to form a few short sentences.

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