150+ Cool Racing Slogans, Mottos, And Sayings

Do you like racing? Are you looking for super funny or catchy racing slogans? Then, you are at the right place! Below we have enlisted the best catchy racing slogans for you to just enjoy or even to get an idea to come up with amazing racing slogans of your own!

Perhaps the crudest and most direct way to race is a drag —two cars side by side, straight, departing at the same time, to see which of the two travels a certain distance (usually 402 meters, or a quarter-mile) faster.

It is also one of the oldest organized forms of Motorsport, especially in the USA.

Some say that its root is primitive, derived directly from the verb drag, which means “drag” or “bring” – as in “bring your car for us to see who is faster”.

Others believe that the reason is that the races in the cities are held in the main drag, a regionalism for the main street of a city, which was usually the only wide enough to accommodate two cars next to each other.

There is not enough agreement, however, to trace the exact etymology.

Either way, these competitions were quite successful even at the relatively low cost involved in their organization: it didn’t take a huge investment to find flat ground, build a one-mile straight track (enough to accelerate and brake safely) and install time-measuring equipment.

Adding to the popularization of hot rods (after all, who did not want a cheap, stylish and fast car?), it was seen to considerably increase the number of subscribers in the following years, and so the evidence provided the basis for Parks to found the NHRA, or National Hot Rod Association.

Best Racing Slogans

Following are some of the best racing slogans and one-liners for you to choose or to get inspired and come up with racing slogans of your own:

  • Run your car, not your mouth
  • Race it, break it, fix it, repeat
  • Gas Clutch shift Repeat
  • Build it, race it, break it, fix it
  • Car fuel is my perfume
  • Drag racing makes me horny
  • Car racing is my passion
  • This girl loves drag racing
  • Be fast to be first
  • Leave me alone, it’s race day
  • Don’t be safe, be fast
  • Keep calm & Enjoy Drag Racing
  • I love when you talk drag racing
  • Don’t love us, we die young
  • Got Drag Racing?
  • Drag racing, more addictive than heroin
  • Eat. Sleep. Drag Race. Repeat.
  • Do your best – beat the rest.
  • Drive like you stole it!
  • Life is too short not to Drag Race
  • Drive with courage
  • Race. Wrench. Repeat.
  • Drive fast or go home
  • Keep calm & Marry a drag racer
  • Keep calm & Drag Race 1200M
  • Hang up and drive
  • That’s Drag racing Baby!
  • Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races
  • It’s a blast to go this fast
  • Finish fast, I can’t wait too long
  • Keep calm and move fast
  • Move fast and win my heart
  • My life starts from 200 mph
  • Live fast – die young
  • Life is fast so why drive slow
  • You have no friends at 200 mph
  • Safe Riding, Hard Racing
  • Say no to brakes
  • Nothing less than victory
  • See you in my rearview

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Racing Mottos and Sayings

Below are the coolest racing mottos and sayings of all time:

  • Racing is in my heart
  • What’s behind you doesn’t matter
  • Here comes the best performer.
  • Let’s get started now.
  • The fast time of your life begins.
  • The speed is unmatchable.
  • Impossible to catch us.
  • Stronger like never before.
  • Faster like never before.
  • Cover great distances.
  • Be prepared to race at great heights.
  • Start paddling towards your goal.
  • Start paddling towards your goal.
  • Life is fast so drive fast.
  • Drag it to the last limit.
  • Catch you at the end.
  • Go faster.
  • Drive your car fast not your mouth.
  • Choose to be fast or last.
  • You are not fast enough if you can turn.
  • Smoother the race unskilful the racer.
  • Go fast and enjoy the thrill.
  • Only talk about Racing.
  • Race, break and fix.
  • Build, race, break and fix.
  • Clutch and shift.
  • My perfume is car fuel.
  • Overdrive to be cool.
  • Pedal faster.
  • Go fast like a blast.
  • I am horny due to drag racing.
  • My passion is racing.
  • Focus on gear.
  • She is a racer.
  • Be fast to be on top.
  • I love race day.

Funny Race Car Slogans

Here are some of the funny race car slogan ideas:

  • Drag racing is important than everything.
  • Be safe or be fast.
  • Enjoy the thrill.
  • Only talk about Racing.
  • We die young because we are racers.
  • Do you know about Racing?
  • A drag race is important than anything.
  • I love racing more than cigarette.
  • Eat sleep and race only.
  • Be fast and become a champion.
  • A racer cant be calm.
  • I am a drag race lover.
  • Drive as if you stole the car.
  • Enjoy and race.
  • Have the courage to drive faster.
  • Race and wrench is my life.
  • Drive faster or leave the driving.
  • Be faster and louder.
  • Choose a drag racer as your husband.
  • Relax and just focus on driving.
  • I love to race.
  • Go fast like an airplane.
  • I can’t wait for anyone.
  • Be the champion.
  • Train yourself to play better.
  • When behind you has bo importance.
  • There are no brakes for a drag racer.
  • Move faster, and I will be yours.
  • Die young and be champion.
  • 200 mph is everything for me.
  • Drive fast because life is fast.
  • Race hard.
  • 200 mph is my love.
  • Be fast, and I will love you.
  • Race phrases
  • Racing is on my mind.
  • Racing is in my heart.

Car Race Slogans

Following are the good car race slogans:

  • Die for drag racing.
  • Don’t worry about death.
  • I don’t know brakes.
  • Just live to become a champion.
  • I watch in my rear mirror.
  • The followers are nothing.
  • Behind you is no one.
  • Be faster or don’t live.
  • Be First or die.
  • Live like a racer.
  • Do your best – beat the rest!
  • The bs stops when the green flag drops!
  • What’s behind you doesn’t matter
  • You got passed by junkyard parts
  • You have no friends at 200 mph
  • I love to race.
  • Love a racer and marry a racer.
  • Play a good race.
  • Live on the edge.
  • Struggle hard to be a racer.
  • Drag racers only talk about Racing.
  • Racing is love.
  • Be fast, live an amazing life.
  • Keep calm and race faster.

You have reached the end of racing slogans list, we hope that you would have liked our list of racing list slogans and they would have entertained you or given you an idea to create your very own racing slogans!

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