Energy Drink Slogans: 130+ Catchy Drink Taglines Ever

Are you looking for catchy energy drink slogans to get inspired?

In marketing energy drinks, you are often faced with the task of finding suitable energy drink slogans for a product, service, campaign, or brand.

This usually requires a lot of brainstorming, creative work, workshops, and coordination. We claim that you can develop a catchy energy drink slogan in less than an hour after reading this article.

Below we have enlisted 135+ best energy drink slogans along with a guide for creating an amazing slogan of your own!

Best catchy energy drinks slogans

Following are some of the best catchy energy drink slogans:

  • The bright side
  • Party like it’s the last day
  • Perform at your peak.
  • Believe after drinking
  • Purity a source of serenity
  • Life tastes good
  • Fuel to be fabulous.
  • Power is back!
  • Great taste. Zero Calories.
  • Feeling of living
  • Strength you need
  • The energy you need, flavors you crave.
  • Thirst quencher
  • Fast drinks for ultra-fast people
  • Go Fast! Pure energy.
  • Insane drink for insane generation
  • Fueling the good times.
  • Empower yourself.
  • No need to challenge the competition
  • Fruit for a fruity health
  • Go for glory.
  • Potent brain and body fuel.
  • Energy for better tomorrow
  • Elevate your performance.
  • One-shot – one hit.
  • The juice of nature
  • The volcano is in you
  • Party like a Rockstar.
  • Keeps you hydrated, keeps you energized
  • Recommended for the strong
  • Make It Real
  • Good til the last drop
  • For the fighter in you.
  • Vitalizing the body with refreshment
  • The drink that does not make you fat
  • Gets you going!

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Healthy Drink Slogans

These are the rockstar and healthy drink slogans:

  • Be energy ready always
  • The drink of fire
  • Energy for living.
  • Get the party of beast stared
  • Easy drink for the hard work
  • Feel the energy at work.
  • Extra energy.
  • Drink it to believe it.
  • Find your flow.
  • Energy.
  • Nutritional Energy Drink
  • For that deep down body thirst.
  • Hydration.
  • Energy of wildest
  • Hard working. Easy drinking.
  • Energy done better.
  • Liquid asset.
  • A little moment just for you
  • Great hit in a single shot
  • No nonsense energy for the gym.
  • Go Full Throttle or go home.
  • Fuel the deed.
  • Passport to refreshment
  • From nature, naturally.
  • Empowering the buried power
  • The sign of good taste
  • Fire to drink.
  • Just a moment for yourself
  • Piercing energy that strikes back.
  • No limits, No laws

Drink Slogans

These are the best drink slogans that will inspire your ideas:

  • Make it happen with power
  • Energy for those who thrive on adrenaline.
  • Uncover happiness
  • Pure as Sunlight
  • Is it in you?
  • Enjoy the power.
  • Stay cool, stay hydrated
  • The original taste of water
  • An original cocktail in the skin
  • Live fit
  • Gives you power.
  • Burn the real power
  • Hurry but never stressed
  • Energy and more.
  • The taste of life
  • Power doesn’t obey rules
  • Free your energy. Be your best.
  • You will regain a little lightness
  • Powered by glucose.
  • Get your power!
  • Good to the last drop
  • It all starts with “V”.
  • Drink inspired by hell
  • Activation of senses
  • Uncap the bottle and feel the smug
  • It’s the real thing
  • Extreme energy to feel the hype
  • No half measures.
  • Generous by nature
  • Live a life without limits.
  • No Red Bull. No wings.
  • Fuel power at peak
  • Power of wild
  • Extreme energy. Ultimate taste.
  • The quench of energy
  • Delicious and refreshing
  • Get it done, and then some.
  • Drink of real attitude
  • Free the fabulous energy
  • No limit.
  • Energy to play.
  • No sleep. No nightmares.
  • Hours and hours of energy.
  • Feel the Hype.
  • Perform better, perform power
  • Refresh yourself
  • Energy Drink with Attitude.
  • Fast things for fast people.
  • Drive it. Live it.
  • Thirst knows no season
  • For the ultimate taste, comes the ultimate energy


How to come up with intriguing energy drink slogans

The logo is a symbolic and to some extent abstract representation, in which each of the elements involved, such as colors, fonts, and shapes, pursue two things: on the one hand, to attract the ideal target customer.

And on the other, to serve as a representation of what makes a brand special to that target audience.

For its part, the slogan is a sentence whose purpose is to easily explain the brand’s value proposition or what constitutes its main argument for the market.

It is a short phrase that serves to reinforce and further concretize the message to be transmitted, together with the logo, so that the brand is perceived as expected.

By providing greater clarity and forcefulness to the message, the slogan becomes a key piece within any brand-building strategy, since it is directly associated with the argument or attribute that will serve to attract and seduce potential customers.

Some of the main aspects to take into consideration in the development of an energy drink slogans, in addition to seeking to exalt and communicate what makes the brand different and makes it unique, are:

1. It should be short:

Energy drink slogans should never go beyond a sentence. Ideally no more than 6 or 8 words. The reason this is important is that a good slogan should be easy to remember. If it is too long, people will not remember it.

Try to make them pleasant to listen to: In addition to making them more memorable, they facilitate the brand building and positioning process.

2. Be honest:

The energy drink slogans must reflect the essence of your company and what makes it special. At no time should it sound pretentious and belittle competitors.

Saying things like “We are the best” or “Number 1” doesn’t really say much. Other than that it can be difficult to test and generate disbelief, it won’t help you differentiate yourself.

3. Do something proverbial:

The very best slogans sound like proverbs and idioms and can even be included in the general vocabulary as such. A slogan that has what it takes to be a proverb is so contagious that it spreads by itself.

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