Anti Drugs Slogans: 100+ Best Don’t Do Drugs Slogans

Exactly 32 years ago, on November 25, 1988, the UN Convention on the fight against drug trafficking was developed.

Since then, the main task of don’t do drugs slogans and campaigns has been to convey the idea that, using drugs, a person inflicts irreparable harm to his health, which leads to death.

That shame and humiliation are integral companions of drug addicts, and choosing a drug, a person consciously refuses many of the usual joys of life. That drug addiction is a misfortune not only of a drug addict but also of the people around him.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), abuse of psychoactive substances has the potential to produce any combination of chronic health problems, social problems, loss of coordination and cognition, and even death from overdose.

The consumption of psychoactive drugs generates alterations that can be very dangerous. Below we present 100+ best don’t do drug slogans:

Anti-drug Slogans

Following are some of the best anti-drug slogans:

  • Drug free is for me.
  • The more you use, the less you live.
  • We are all addicted to things more bizarre than ourselves.
  • Just trash the stash.
  • Quit and live like a Lion
  • Stop, say no to drugs!
  • Save future generations.
  • Get high on helping others, not killing yourself.
  • Cool kids don’t do drugs.
  • Drugs kill you slowly.
  • Head toward the gym, now!
  • What are you willing to give up to use drugs?
  • Anti Drug Slogans
  • Quitting is easy.
  • Up with hope, down with dope.
  • If you go for drugs, the journey can last a lifetime
  • Cocaine Kills
  • When you blow, you just go.
  • Drug Users can’t hang with me.
  • Too smart to start.
  • Get high on reading books.
  • The more you use drugs, the less you live life.
  • Drugs cost you more than just money.
  • The dope trap is a trap.
  • K2 is not for you.
  • Drugs are death
  • I simply choose not to use it.
  • I need a life, not drugs.

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Don’t Do Drugs Slogans for Teenagers

Following are some of the best don’t do drugs slogans:

  • Don’t Let Drugs Own You.
  • Count on ME to be DRUG FREE.
  • The biggest danger is to forget what drugs are
  • Love, family, kids, or DRUGS?
  • Don’t let drugs trick you, they will kill you.
  • Drugs take your future.
  • Drug users are losers.
  • “Ice” is a dirty drug.
  • Don’t mess your brain with cocaine.
  • You can’t fly from drugs
  • Read a book instead of drugs.
  • And if the books were banned, would you try them?
  • Drugs can cause irreversible changes in the brain.
  • Use your brain, don’t fry it.
  • Pugs are cute, doing drugs is not.
  • Smoking meth leads to a slow painful death.
  • Smoking weed is a bad deed.
  • Heroes are drug free!
  • Drugs have a flip side
  • No more drug users, no more losers.
  • Drug quitters are motivators.
  • Too Cool For Drugs.
  • Finnish guys from TBWA
  • The drug causes suffering not only to those who use it
  • No drug user grows old, they die painfully being young.

Don’t Do Drug Slogans For School

Following are some of the best don’t do drugs slogans for schools:

  • Drug users have no future.
  • I rather eat bugs than do drugs.
  • You have one life, don’t waste it with drugs.
  • Talk to the kids about it.
  • Talk to your friends. Something yes hooks
  • Hard drugs teach hard lessons
  • Crack Is Whack.
  • Stop today – Live tomorrow.
  • You can’t become a sportsman if you do drugs.
  • Drugs: You use, you lose.
  • Drug abuse is of no use.
  • Fly, don’t get high.
  • Drugs are shame and humiliation
  • To meth …
  • Enjoy a song and not a BONG.
  • The drug that kills us.
  • Your Mama loves you, drugs make her cry.
  • The hero does Math, not Meth.
  • It’s not you when you do drugs!
  • Drugs? No! I am smart.
  • No Room for Drugs in This World.
  • Get High on your Fitness, don’t kill yourself with drugs.
  • Choose life over drugs.
  • Your drugs will make your Mama cry for you.

Don’t Do Drug Slogans That Rhyme

These are the best don’t do drugs slogans that rhyme and are easy to remember:

  • Be Smart. Don’t Start.
  • Molly won’t make your life jolly.
  • Weed is for wimps.
  • What could be worse?
  • Stand up against drugs.
  • Hugs, not drugs.
  • Don’t approach the roach.
  • We can’t live together, it’s your drugs.
  • Before meth, I had a brother, now I have a thief
  • Come With Me and Be Drug-Free.
  • Family, friends, and drugs can’t live together.
  • The use of dope brings no hope.
  • Dreams come true when you quit drugs.
  • Get high on grades, not drugs.
  • Drugs – the end of the road
  • Refusing is a better choice.
  • Get high on helping your family.
  • Drugs are like gum … after a while, they erase you
  • Choose wisely, son!
  • No need for weed.
  • Keep calm & Stop Cocaine.
  • Be proud to be drug free

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